Name: Laura JW Simmonds
Phone: 0044 7887944054
Address: London and Suffolk areas
London & Suffolk
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Hi, thanks for joining me here!

Here's a quick look at me! …. After curing myself of a 7 year crippling eating disorder in my teens I was lucky to received a vision of a reality of infinite possibilities, joy, no separation with no judgment that is there for all of us to choose and step into. I knew from this moment onwards that there was more, I was more and that I could help others to be and have more. So since then I have spend the last 20 years drawing from my personal experiences and those of my family, friends, clients and colleagues to empower others desiring change to unlock their true greatness in a non judgmental reality to create a living that actually works for them in a conscious, joyful, dynamic and lasting way.

Having tried and tested a number of different modalities along the way, non of which I felt really got to the heart of what I knew was possible I came across Access Consciousness totally by chance after I made a demand on the Universe only 3 months previously at the start of 2014 for something big to change. I was a single mum of 3 daughters running 2 businesses from 2 different homes in the UK but frustratingly not making much money and so knowing that I could be so much more and have so much more but not really knowing how, this demand I made was to get out, travel the world, make a difference world wide as I knew I could, make loads more money and meet amazing people that I could learn from and play with along the way. 3 months later I came across Access Consciousness and what I heard at Dain's Being You Class I attended resonated with everything I knew was possible. I had my Bars run a week later, did a bars class following by Foundation and Level 1 all within 6 days and now, 1 year later I have been travelling the world monthly, creating more than ever before and I get to meet and play with amazing co creators all over the world. My life has truly changed within a year - thanks to the Bars and the dynamic empowering tools of Access Consciounsess. And there is much more to come!!

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Join me and my guests on dynamic and life changing discussions on Access Consciousness, authentic & creative living, the joy of creating through conscious awareness a life and living and relationships that actually work for ‘YOU’ … plus easy and amazing tools for you to use that really do work to create that change!

How does it get any better than this?

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