Name: Dr. Ching Chen
Phone: 347-678-9555
Address: Osteopathic Children's Center 3706 Ruffin Road Suite 129
San Diego
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Life is not meant to be lived in pain.
Yet if youíre here, youíve been struggling to find some relief.


Youíve seen a bunch of doctors and specialists, but none of them has truly cured (or even properly diagnosed) you.
You can tell there is something deeper causing your symptoms, but you canít even begin figure it all out on your own!
You know thereís a way to heal your body that isnít simply popping a painkiller, yet you keep getting prescriptions instead of real solutions.

You donít know what the answer is, but you know itís out there.

You just want a doctor who GETS it, who understands the underlying connections within your body, and can help you figure out whatís going on and how to fix it.

Well, you just found her.

Welcome to The Healing Station, where people heal for life.

Iím Dr. Ching Chen, and my approach is simple. Instead of just treating symptoms, I look at the whole person to understand whatís going on and fix it. Together, weíll get at the root of the problem and treat it accordingly so you can get back to having fun and living your life!

Some have described as an amazing head massage.
For me, "Bars" access major acupressure points in your head to clear all your meridians.

Iím so glad youíre here. Letís get to healing!

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