Name: Dr. Khushboo Shah
Phone: +919860344411
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I say that now but it wasn't always this way. For as long as I remember I was always searching, looking for something, someone who would make me happy. Who would finally understand me, get me and not feel different ALL the time. Maybe I would find that perfect career in that perfect place with the perfect people so that i finally fit in and we make the world a better place. Or maybe just help me feel a little better about myself. So i always pushed myself, no matter what. So then I became a dentist..... So from the outside this is how everything looked, a dentist, a good student, intelligent, good at sports, dancing, drumming, a hard core environmentalist...pushing myself to do everything i could possibly do so that I finally feel good about myself...maybe even a little happy.

But of course none of that worked. I was dying inside...days where i've just cried..locked in my room. I wanted to change everything...rebel from my absolute core...but hit a brick wall at every turn. So Finally, one day I decide to change everything about myself. I quit dentistry, i quit my clinic, my relationship of 6 years ended and I find myself looking for answers. Clinical hypnotherapy was the first step...but that wasn't completely what i was looking for...something felt amiss. There has to be more! Show me!

And i found myself listening to a telecall on Access Consciouseness. I didn't logically understand anything one bit..the facilitator asked questions and then said a funny sentence which went..right wrong good bad....and then uhhh what?...pod..boys..beyonds????... i found myself laughing..but by the fourth or the fifth question something shifted...i had tears in my eyes and i felt like a huge burden was just lifted off my shoulders. That's when i knew i wanted to know more about Access. It's been over two years since my first BARS class that I attended.

And LIFE IS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!...everything has changed since Access. At 26, I now own a business renting and selling Massage tables, I am a teacher at a prestigious institution in Pune (Symbiosis), India, taking Consciousness Studies, a class for 18 to 25 year olds, I am a Djembe instructor, teaching drums (west African folk music) to Kids and Adults as means of therapy and change, a drum circle facilitator, changing communities through drums and of course conducting Access Bars and Access Body Process workshops. I am also currently working with parents of childern diagnosed with "OCD, ADD, ADHD etc" using access tools at every point. How does it get any better than this?? But i have just begun. If my life can change so drastically, i believe everyone's can. So i invite you to give yourself a chance to be happy, to be YOU.

WHY?? ..because..The EARTH needs us to be us. The EARTH wishes us to be joyful. Lets gift her and ourselves a chance to be happy. Lets create waves of change together!!!!

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