Name: Robyn Nielsen
Phone: 6192258772
San Diego/ Point Loma/Ocean Beach Area
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I love the Bars!!! They are such a gift to Mankind. It's like if your brain was a computer & you had all kinds of junk in it & you just kept storing more & more of it into your brain. The Bars are like emptying the Trash on your computer (Brain), creating more space for new possibilities for ease, joy & glory of living. Anyone can give & receive Bars, even Children!

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible my Friends?

I offer 0ne 0n 0ne sessions and Packages if you are working toward a target. I have been doing Energy Medicine since 2001. Along with being a Bars Facilitator, teaching Bars Classes and having individual clients as well; I have done different brain therapies and Emotional Freedom Technique and I am a Certified Resonance Repatterining Practitioner, in all the Fundamental and Advanced Classes, identifying and transforming unconscious patterns with hundreds of modalities using kinesiology.

When I Finally found Access Consciousness I was so thrilled to have such life changing tools come into my reality. I am so thankful to Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for their brilliance and generosity in truly helping so many people to dynamically change their lives and be the infinite beings they truly be.

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