Name: Tiffany Powers
Phone: 5126397712
Address: Sebastian Lane
United States of America
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Hello my name is Tiffany Powers. I am a professional Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, and Healer. I am an Access Bars Practitioner and I plan to be an Access Bars Facilitator in March 2015. I look forward to working with you.

My specialties and services include the following:

Thetahealing® Training, Thetahealing® Sessions, Access Bars® Training, Access Bars® Sessions, Psychic Intuitive Readings, Medical Intuitive Readings, Block Clearing, Emotional healing, Releasing traumas, Letting go of toxic stories we hold onto, Healing Addictions, Healing Relationship issues, Empowerment, Self-Love and Self Esteem Help, Alternative Holistic Therapy, Psychic Training, Healing Training, Meditation Classes, Abundance Clearing, Manifestation, DNA Readings, and DNA Activation! *Please note the psychic readings I do are psychic energy readings to tap into what you need to heal in your life and are different than traditional psychic readings.*

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