Name: Madhuri Dhulipala
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Thank you for visiting my page.
I am an Access Bars and Access Body-Process Facilitator.

I always wondered on what is the completeness in living and the real purpose of my being?
I lost myself in the on-going chase of goals and found myself in endless seeking for the last 24 years to fill the emptiness in my being. I’ve tried many modalities and followed rigorous religious rituals, gurus, astrology, only to reach to a destination where I found myself. The journey starts with me and ends with me and everything and everyone around are creations of my perception to discover myself and experience myself in different emotions.

Access Consciousness opened the door not only towards my inner discovery but also towards possibilities, magic and potency.

As Anita Moorjhani quotes in her book ‘Dying to be me’, “I realized that I was at the center of this universe and knew that we all express from our perspective, as we’re each at the center of this great cosmic web,” Access allowed me to reach this realization.

With simple pragmatic tools and techniques, Access showed me my expansive energy of liberation and allowance of all good, bad, right, wrong. It enabled me to step into a magical land of living here and now.

Access Bars introduced me to true living in the moment and ability to embrace all ambiguity. Access Foundation & Level 1, brought me to a state of true reflection and the ability of living in a question and in the creative energy of every moment.
Access body further enhanced my sense of communion with my body and gave me the ability to experience its magnificence. Access Level 2/3, empowered me to see my capabilities to create beyond this finite reality.
Access has had so much profound change in such a short time that I proceeded to become a facilitator in Access Bars and Access Body-Process to be a gift to the community.

How does it get any better than that!!

What if body is a simple tool for us to experience living in the moment?

When did we listen to our body being a contribution to our living and showed gratitude towards it?

If you choose to, I could be a contribution to you by running some of the energies to explore with you the possibilities. I offer private bars sessions & body processes where you can shift your life and undo programming of limitation. The energy sessions will tap into your energy allowing you to step into infinite possibilities.
Please contact me for more info and I look forward to meeting you!

Below are the details -
Private Verbal clearing sessions - in person - one hour ($150 USD)
Private Bars sessions - in person - one hour ($90 USD)
Private Body sessions - in person - one hour ($150 USD)
Private Facelift Body sessions - in person - one hour ($125 USD)

Access Bars® Classes
Access Body Process sessions

Access Bars session -
"I started to feel my back was lighter. It felt almost that I was working out and my body was acking a little. I was so energized last night I had a hard time to fall a sleep" - Csilla, April 2015

Access Body Class-
"I have been telling my patients that my energy is crescendo-ing....I have been having great sessions with my patients and they are seeing shifts in their bodies too. So glad I took the course!!" - Judy, Physiotherapist, March 2015

Access Body session -
"body session was very powerful. You are very intuitive and you could feel in
my body where my problems were! I feel that a lot of space
was created in me that was filled with energy blocks. I
loved the session and intend to have another. You are very
energetic and positive and I can feel that just being in
your presence THANK YOU so much:)" - Gayle, May 2015

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