Name: lily m coughlin
Phone: 1 480 560 8042
Address: 105 11 Broadway Rise Lake
Sylvan Lake
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Welcome my beautiful friend(s) to my bio page and web page.
For this I am so grateful. How did I get so lucky?

Did you know that you are a beautiful, unique, fantastic, phenomenal, and absolute gift to you and this beautiful planet. Did you know that you have the capacity for great awareness about you, your life, this reality, and beyond. With greater awareness, you can begin generating a life you have always knew was possible and haven't yet created.

Over the years, I myself have been on a spiritual quest, trying to find out who I am and the purpose of why I was created and what was I here for. Trying all different types of modalities and therapy's that came along,they all promised me something in their teachings ,tried to find my way to feel better physically and mentally, always within a few days still felt unsatisfied and uncomfortable.

Throughout my child and adult life I felt different from my family and friends, constantly thinking that there was something wrong with me and my family confirming that. Therefore trauma and drama and abuse became a way of life. I knew there had to be more to life than this ,so my search began.. I went through many challenges in my life and believe that my past is life's experiences has brought me to who I am today.

.. I always heard this voice inside that said Lily just carry on, move forward, you will find your way. Ok , as time passed I began to ask many questions and didn't know why. While browsing the internet in 2012 I come across information on access consciousness that caught my attention, a man speaking about his own life story.
Dr Dain Heer told his story, I listened intently and realized I could resonate and relate to this. I continued to check further into this access consciousness and began using these pragmatic tools and applying these clearing statements to my life. I didn't realize at the time what any of it meant. With an open mind what could it hurt. One more modality to try,a couple of years went by and I began to feel different, pain in my body began to lesson and things started to show up in my life I felt different in my mind. So I decided to make a phone call to the first facilitator I found on the internet in my area, and the rest is history. Now I am a Bars Facilitator and can hardly wait to move into my my new life How does it get better than that.

Since I have discovered this amazing energy called Access Consciousness I have people ask me how I have so much energy. Access has empowered my life, that is what has transformed me and I am ready to transform those around me. Are you ready to be empowered and transform your life into an amazing life? I truly believe that anything is possible if you just ask.

I love to travel and would be open to visiting your area to facilitate the Bars Classes. Are you willing to unwrap the gift that you are to this beautiful planet. What if being that gift could change everything in your life and those around you. Would you be willing to change it?

Consider this an invitation to step into life you knew always existed but didn't know how to make it happen.

I myself am so very grateful for the the universe and access consciousness for changing my quality of life and the rewards are infinite. What else is possible? How does it get better than this?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the following number Lily Coughlin

1 480 560 8042



Thank you
Always With Love Lily

Access Bars Facilitator

I offer the following classes:

Access Bars - 1-day classes - 9:30am - to- 5:30 pm

Also private in person sessions are also available for:

Access the Bars

Also the Energetic Face Lift is available .
To set up an appointment, please pone me for the Energetic Face Lift. Come play and have fun.

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