Name: Ashley McCaughey
Phone: 403 704-4074
Address: RR#1
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I have been choosing Access Consciousness as a life style for almost four years now!

These tools have created so much ease and joy in my life! Especially with the animals that own me! I have recently chosen to become a Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator and one of my targets is to assist in getting these tools out into the world and to assist in creating a planet where there is ease for the animals and the people.

One of my favorite things on the planet is facilitating these classes! If you are interested in a Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider 2 Day clinic or an Access BARS class, facilitated by yours truly in your part of the world please let me know and we can begin to play with the possibilities!

I look forward to meeting you where ever you are on this beautiful planet of ours!

Gratitude for YOU,

Ashley :)

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