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Before Access Consciousness I had what everyone would say was a great life; beautiful house, car, wife, child, farm and successful business. I was always looking for something different I spent hours researching different modalities on ways to enhance my life and ways to nurture the Earth in a more sustainable way. I had the awareness that different types of organic farming or planting more trees was not going to change the current path of total consumption of the planet. I realised that there had to be a change in the consciousness of the people on this planet for a change to occur.

Then I found Access Consciousness. For the first six months of using the tools of Access I was not willing to see the change in myself, but I saw the change in my wife, Tanya. She looked younger, more alive not weighed down by the trivial things, more willing to be her. After the first six months I realised that as I let go of my judgements of the things I had decided were wrong, they stopped showing up in my life, allowing something different to occur. This gave me the awareness that these tools really work if you are willing to put them into practice.

In using the tools in my life, on my farm and in my business I discovered that they are not just for people, they can be used on animals, plants and the planet. I then started using them on the farm and the transformation has been amazing. Access Consciousness has shown me that something different is possible on this planet for everyone and everything if you are willing to be the change that the Earth requires.

To put it simply if someone offered me 10 million dollars to go back to where I was before I started Access, there is not a chance that I would go back to the place where I used to function from.

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