Name: Milica Jelenic
Phone: 613-472-2701
Address: 56 Morrison Rd
Ontario and Worldwide
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After receiving a BA in 1997, Milica wondered "what can I do with this crazy degree?" The most apparent thing to do was to follow the energy to the healing arts. After studying various systems and techniques over many years with various teachers, Milica was introduced to Access Consciousness. In 2012 Milica went to her first Bars class and this opened a world of possibilities and has led her to become an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Access Consciousness Face Lift Facilitator and Symphony session practitioner. For a truly dynamic session with verbal and hands on processing contact Milica.

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Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 1/Apr/2017 Toronto, Ontario Milica Jelenic  & 
A Facilitator
Access Bars 6/May/2017 Greenwood, Ontario Milica Jelenic