Name: Junaline Bañez-Moussi
Phone: +961 70 126053 (Lebanon)
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Hello there!
My name is Junaline! Welcome to my world!

I am a Transformational Life Coach and Access Consciousness ® Certified Facilitator. I am also a Nia® Teacher. In addition I also offer seva (volunteer) Hatha Yoga to the Lebanese community. As a Creatively Fit® Coach, I facilitate creative circles using art and vision boards as a way to rediscover your gifts as infinite beings.

I am the force behind LifeINSPIRED Coaching - a holistic and integrative approach to self-empowerment aligning your life with your mind, body and spirit. I inspire, motivate and empower you to YOU that will best serve your soul, your relationships, your community, and the world.

My target is to co-create experiences with YOU that consciously support YOUR personal growth for your highest and best potential. I choose to inspire YOU with a life of creative self-expression, movement, healing and conscious living. How does it get any better than that?

I started my journey with Access Consciousness in the fall of 2013 with my first Bars session in Vancouver, Canada. Two months later, my hubby noticed a 'change' in me. I, too, noticed a change in me. In ways that were undescribable with words, I knew something huge shifted in me. More space, more awareness, less drama and less trauma. Somehow, I could only attribute it to the contribution that Access had done for me. Within 4 months of having my first Bars run, I chose to take the Bars Facilitator training in France, and wouldn't you know it, my husband came with me too! Since then, I've taken Foundation/Level 1/2/3 both in person and online. I've also taken an Access Body class that shifted my world (and my body) in a big way! In the summer of 2014, my husband Roberto Moussi and I taught our first-ever Access Bars class in Beirut, Lebanon! Since then, we've been teaching the Bars and spreading the *joy*! What else is possible?

Using the Access Tools, I actualized and co-created my creative space called LifeInspired in Beirut in 2015. We offer life coaching, personal development and creativity workshops, Access classes, yoga and Nia as well as creative social events. In LifeInspired, we offer a platform for the world to come to Lebanon in any way they perceive, know, do and BE to contribute.

What would it take? What are the infinite possibilites?


"I still vividly recall my first Bars session. Being Junaline's ThetaHealing client and student since 2012, I called her and took an appointment. To my surprise, instead of our regular TH sessions, Junaline asked, 'Would you like to have your Bars run? I highly recommend we do that.'
I had no idea what Access Bars were at that time, however having full trust in my wonderful healer, I said " yes! Let's do it!"
What I experienced was beyond words. Once the session was over, I was floating blissfully with a smile on my face. I felt light. So different than I how I came in. I left feeling wonderful and 'light'. I event looked different, as family members put it. What had just taken place? I did not analyse nor think.
Instead I let things flow and wanted to learn the Bars so much that the universe responded and the first-ever Access class took place, facilitated by Junaline and her awesome hubby, Roberto Moussi ( also my splendid healer). Attending the 1-day Workshop with the Moussi power duo was a joy. All classes with Joony and Roberto are fantastic, with the perfect balance of serious learning, practising and a lot of laughter. We learned how to run the Bars with ease and joy. And things within began shifting.
I experienced a feeling of expansion, of increased awareness and connectedness that cannot be explained, rather 'felt'. It was beautiful. My mind was calmer and most importantly, I felt a sense of detachment from mundane nonsense . How wonderful is that?
Since the Access Bars workshop, I've been practising the Bars and I 'see' the beautiful effect on clients and friends. And that smile... oh that sweet smile of bliss on their faces is simply a joy to behold. Deep gratitude and love to my delightful healer, teacher and soulsister, Junaline.

-Lara Khatchikian, Photographer and Access Bars Practitioner


"Having your bars run during the process of a bars session, besides having a very calming and relaxing effect, is a life-changing experience. People release beliefs, thoughts, points of views and emotions that are not serving them, without struggling with mental and emotional processes to find out what they are and how to release them. And these releases have a direct effect on the physical body as well. Now imagine combining this technique (Access Bars) with other healing modalities? I am using the Bars with my clients, then when I'm done with running the Bars, I use Reconnective Healing afterwards. And the results are simply amazing. It's like both tools are greatly enhancing each other. I'm also using it with hypnotherapy sessions with great success. Besides taking the brain waves into Theta mode, which helps the client to easily access his/her subconscious mind, running the Bars helps with the releases done during a hypnotherapy session.
Now how can it get any better than that?

- Mouna Jabri, Hypnotherapist, QHTT Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner


" What could be better than to free someone from his stored stress to regain his inner peace and balanced life? "

- Vartan Kirazian, Beirut LEBANON


"Not sure how to put in words what really changed after the workshop, but all I know is that there is a calm in me and what's intriguing is that things, issues, events are all taking place with ease and grace! Go figure! I even purposefully "observed" the above: had a number of messy issues to handle all at the same time. I started with one, then, just like that, another issue just took care of itself, then someone walked in having solved another for me! Were things really being easily handled and taken care of or was it my perception that had chaged? Did it, does it really matter how?
Now, how does it get any better than that?"

-Sarine Khatchikian, Educational Consultant, Beirut, Lebanon


"The Access Consciousness workshop with Junaline and Roberto Moussi was fun, thorough, easy to follow, and the hands-on practice was a great way to test out the new skills we learned about. Looking forward to experiencing great shifts by running the bars!"

-Chantal Nammour Baz, Writer, Blogger, Life Coach (Beirut, Lebanon)


I would like to thank Junaline Bañez-Moussi for the Access Bars session- an amazing experience I had .During the session I felt the frequency was moving very fast throughout the body from my head till toes of my feet. The energy generated in my whole body was like an electricity that spread in every cell, every fiber and every part of my muscles, and I felt that the energy released the stress and blockages very quickly. After the session I become more peaceful, at ease and relaxed. And especially my facial expression changed and radiated light!
On the second day, I woke up very early at 5am feeling very powerful and fresh to continue my path in my business and I felt so much more stronger than before!

...They say in Access Consciousness that we are acoustical beings, not linear but wave-like. I experienced this sensation and BEING-ness even more, with my capacity to open up, be more conscious and be more aware.

I am certain that things have begun shifting in my life already. I can feel the changes in a very powerful way!

I highly recommend getting your Bars run! It’s your time to change your energy inside your body and experience it with an Access Bars session and to feel your body generate more space (letting go of limitations in life), which is very powerful.

How does it get any better than this?

-Eliane Mezher
Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner
(Beirut, Lebanon)

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