Name: Kanwal Basur
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Hello, Are you looking for Change?


A little about me. I was inclined towards religion as a child and as I grew a little older I drifted away searching for more. My father was a writer, the senate in the Punjab University and everyone at home was voracious readers, books that I saw at home, growing up were Krishna Avtara, Mahabharata, Bible, autobiographies of great people etc. Later read a lot of books written by authors who were seeking for more.

I am qualified journalist, worked at Toshiba Anand Batteries as their Publicity Executive. Also tried teaching in a school for six-seven years. Have been in Jewelry Business for years.

I have been pretending I can dance and do theater ever since I was in Kinder Garden. I love swimming and dancing.

Went to a couple of retreats at Osho communes, A few Louise L Hey and Law of Attraction workshops, EFT, NLP, and meditation was a very important part of my daily ritual.

I struggled with Alcoholism after marriage and was a regular member of Al Anon for more than 19 years and always knew that there was more to life. It was only in the beginning of 2012 that I came to know about Access Consciousness and became Access Bars Facilitator by Sept. 2012.

Access Consciousness gave words to what I actually already knew deep inside, to be true for me. I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Right Voice For You, Access Body Process and Talk to the Entities practitioner. I am a life coach, travel, hold classes for people looking for change on the planet and the change that Access Consciousness tools are creating in people's life is such a joy for me and something that I would not give up for anything in the world.

As I reflect on the last couple of years, I am in awe of how my life has taken a turn. The simplicity of Access is refreshing.

I Facilitate:
" The Bars" (One full day Class)
"The Foundation" (Four full days Class)
"Body Process" Classes (Four hours Classes)
I also Facilitate Classes of 2-4 hours on any or every topic:

Individual sessions, of Bars, Body Processes and facilitating you to Ease and Joy in your lives.

I love traveling to assists people to shift and change what's not working in their lives, may it be about Body, Parenting, Money, Business, or Relationships (Intimate or other).

What if Choosing YOU was just a Choice? Would it be Fun for You to know how that's Possible with total Ease, and Joy? Would you like to come and play with Access Tools and change what you have never ever considered possible?

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