Name: Sadie Rose Lake
Phone: 509-939-0793
Address: 3010 S Post St
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It could be said that I am a bit of a personal development junkie. I've probably read just about every book in the "Self Help" section of Barnes and Noble. Even when I was a kid, I would drag my mom to the Body, Mind, and Spirit Expo every year so I could voraciously explore all things mystical, mythical, and metaphysical. I remember sitting in the bathroom stall at school in second grade touching my own arm and asking myself, "Who AM I in here, in this body?"

Yes. I have always been a weirdo.

By the way... did you know that weird actually means "of spirit, fate, or destiny."

Are you weird, too?

Have you always had a peculiar interest in what else is possible here that most of the people you know never talk about? Did you shut down your knowing in order to fit into "this reality?" Has it festered up again to the point that you can no longer deny that you know more than you've been willing to know?

At some point around my early teenage years, I decided I needed to become normal so I could be successful. Still, I had a deep yearning to create change on this planet. So, after college I became a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and nutrition councilor. All of which are fairly admirable pursuits from this reality's point of view, aren't they?

You know what it gave me? A PhD in conclusion. The more I learned about what was "healthy" and how to help people, the smaller and smaller my life seemed to become until it felt like I was pinned to the bottom of the ocean drowning in my own righteousness and wrongfulness. Not a fun place to be, as I imagine you understand quite well.

Then came Access...

Unlike so many other people, MY life DIDN'T instantly become phenomenal after my first Bars session or even after my second Level 2/3. I judged, resisted, told myself it was all bullshit. I didn't WANT to let Access be "right". Classes were expensive! Oh how I wished it was all crap! But, the more I used the tools, the more I felt like me and the easier my life became.... Damn!

Even still, my life isn't picture perfect. I still have crappy days. You know what IS different though? I don't make myself wrong for what shows up! And... GASP! Sometimes I even have joy amidst the crap! Is that even possible?!

So, whatever you do, don't have your Bars run, don't take a Bars class, and definitely don't take Foundation or Level One classes! It may just empower you to create your life, and that would be bad... very bad. No more martyr, no more victim, no more hiding and playing it small.

Unless... you actually desire a life greater than you could have ever imagined. In that case, by all means, make the demand that you be and do whatever it takes to have what you know is possible. It might not be comfortable, but it can truly be ease, joy, and glory!

Wanna play?!

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