Name: Rebecca Heartfly
Phone: 707.239.8891
Rio Nido
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Do you have enough LOVE in your life? Connection? Joy? Abundance?

Through teaching thousands of yoga & movement classes to babies 3-wks old up to seniors in their late 80ís; wealthy & homeless; healthy & sick, I've witnessed and remembered that we all came here to receive love and to thrive, and everything else is secondary.

On this extraordinary journey, I personally experienced more joy & space in my life through movement, hands-on energy work & meditation, however finding Access Consciousness and the BARS therapy has been by far the greatest freedom I've yet to experience physically, emotionally & mentally. And I'm witnessing immediate benefits & results from clients ranging from 5-yrs old to adults!

I had already been enjoying other hands-on healing modalities with clients in their homes or in massage therapy centers, but when I learned & immediately began running Access Consciousness BARS, my confidence level with clients leaped, I began bringing my table to events & doing mini paid sessions & people would get off of the table saying they felt amazing & telling other people at the event about it & writing to me about it and posting on social media things like, "more Access Consciousness BARS please!" Extremely depressed or ill clients would email me after one session things like, "I'm using the Access Consciousness tools & feeling fantastic."

Kids love the BARS! I've loved teaching preschool, kids ballet starting at 4 and kids yoga starting at crawling throughout my lifetime, so yes, even I witness in fascination when the 5-9-yr olds I've run BARS on so far lay still & quite on my therapy table for up to an hour with peaceful smiles & giving me the thumbs-up when I check in with them. I've had parents video taping & taking photos of their "still" child & texting them to family members in other states. I've had children ask if I was moving in with their family after the first time they had their BARS run. No, I'm not moving in, but I get to go run BARS on their entire family, and if they ever want to learn themselves, I can teach them all how to run each other's BARS. My ultimate dream ~ to have families & couples running each other's BARS.

I currently reside in beautiful Rio Nido, California, in the Sonoma County wine country. I have office space in:

- Sebastopol at the Theta Wave Float Spa
- Petaluma in the 115 Liberty Street Building
- Guerneville at Center for Sacred Studies
- Pacifica Massage & Wellness
- I can come to your home or office with applicable travel fees

I teach & do therapy sessions ongoing in the greater Bay Area, and travel worldwide for retreats, workshops & seminars. Iíve enjoyed a multitude of intensive studies, including Ballet & other forms of Dance, Tai Chi, Yoga (adult, kids, pre/postnatal, infant), Pilates, Infant Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, TMJ Reset, Theta Healing, Psychoneurology & Life on Earth.

Would you like to have your BARS run or to learn how? I would love to run your BARS or teach you how to run BARS. When you're ready to receive & learn, I am here & excited to meet & play with you! What will it take to create & receive even more love, connection, joy and abundance? How much better can it get?

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