Name: Brad Barnoski
Phone: 717-503-8576
United States
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As a child, I always new there had to be something far greater than the way this reality worked. I always new that magic existed and there was more to this life than what we were handed. Were you made wrong as a kid just for being you? For asking questions and demanding things change?

I had always known that Joy and Happiness are our natural state's of being, and that we truly can have whatever we desire, by being the creators we truly are. If we can somehow step out of our own way, out of our own judgments and self-limiting beliefs that we were handed, we can create magic here!

Access Consciousness and the Bars are a fast, fun, and potent way to allow one to do that! Who says change has to be slow and painful? It doesn't. Access Bars is the modality that can begin to totally set you free to create the life you always knew was possible but didnít know existed. Less stress, a happier body, and better sleep are just the beginning of what the Bars can open up for you.

From the moment I got off of the table after my first Bars session, I realized that true freedom is possible here. Life became so much more beautiful. I no longer had to be stuck and miserable in the limitations of this reality. It all began to unwind for me and it was awesome. Come join me and letís begin to unravel the gift that is you, the real you, underneath all the layers of not-you. My only question is, how much more of YOU are you ready to have?

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