Name: Rain Gabriel
Phone: 7782151731
Address: 5827 Victoria Street
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Hey, you’re here! Are you looking for change to? If you are then you certainly found the right place.

As recent as 11 years ago I changed my life dramatically for the better, I went from multiple addictions and habits that were harming me and the people I loved to freedom from all of it, and so began my transformation and discovering ME.

5 years ago after a life-changing trip to Bolivia I made another major change and left my career in the corporate world to do and Be what I knew was Me. I studied directly with Jack Canfield, completed his Training/Coaching program and started my own business.

Three years later I changed again, moved away from where I resided for over 20 years, during this I discovered Access Consciousness and its incredible pragmatic tools. This has quantum leaped Me beyond anything I ever considered possible in this reality. What do I love about the tools of Access Consciousness? They are easy, fun ,flexible, full of choice, possibility, highly effective And Super Fast!

I'm a certified Bars® and Body Process Facilitator and soon to be Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator. If you haven't checked out or experienced ant of these powerful processes i invite you to explore them. each has their own brilliances to release limitations in any area of your life/body.

What do i do? I create ease and space for mind, body and spirit.

So if you are still reading this and you would really like to have change……let’s Play!

Saturday's I'm available for sessions from 9am to 3pm at Transformative Health: #105-3710 Hoskins Road, West Kelowna, BC. I also have an office in Peachland throughout the week if Saturdays are not an option and travel throughout Canada to facilitate workshops.

With Ease, Joy, Glory & Gratitude

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