Name: Mary Crawford
Phone: 608-245-9308
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Access Bars is one of my favorite modalities for creating rapid and profound change. Even the 10 minute Bars Samplers have been know to stop headaches, ease pain and produce a wonderful sense of relaxation.

I love working with families because I know what a tremendous impact the Bars can have on everyone - especially kids. As a former special ed teacher, my joy comes from helping kids who struggle in school and daily life to have more ease and joy. I know that the Bars will give them exactly that.

I recommend that you bring your significant other or a close friend to take a Bars class with you. Then you will always have someone nearby to trade Bars sessions.

How does it get any better than that?

"The day after my Bars session I clearly felt happy instead of sort of "status quo". I became lighter. Now, 4 days later, I'm noticing that the lens through which I've been looking at options in my life is much wider. In addition, little insights are slipping in. I'm more excited about the decisions in front of me."
Regina Golding, Massage and Other Healing Therapies

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