Name: Becky Herdt
Address: 541B Long Shoals
Asheville (Arden)
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Becky Herdt is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Right Relationship for You Facilitator, Bars Facilitator, and Body Process Facilitator - combining this potent body of work with her talents as a Business and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Author. Becky finds great joy in working with people and organizations to discover what unique talents and capacities they already have Ė especially those things hidden from view!

What sparks joy? What creates more for the live and living you desire (not necessarily what others around you would choose)? What is present that is holding you back and how can you choose to move beyond those things? What if choices and change donít have to be hard? Or a lot of work? What if it can be with total ease? Just like the chains that shackle an elephant are just a facade' - the chains that bind us to past choices don't really have any power either! What if its just a choice? Are you ready for something different? Are you ready to choose freedom?

Becky has such fun sharing this process, both through classes and as a practitioner, for others who are ready for something different - even if they don't know what that something is!

What is calling you? Will you choose it now? Are you ready to be Unchained from the points of view that are limiting you - those that are trapped inside your body and your brain - those that are just waiting for you bars to be that you can begin to be and have MORE of you??

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