Name: Linda Moss, RN
Phone: 503-803-5553
Address: 10260 SW Greenburg Rd Ste 481
United States
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Since discovering Access and itís tools just this past April 2014, my personal growth has advanced at a phenomenal rate. After having my bars run the third time, the being of who I truly am became better known to me and Iíve discovered that I was right about so many things that I had merely pondered over the years, never knowing in my little box of a world where to go for answers. Suddenly, I have answers with clarity! My mind no longer races, I accomplish so much more, I am more relaxed, more focused, more joyous and so much more at ease with myself and the world and my relationships with my children have gotten even better because of all of that! What else is possible?!

As a bars practitioner, I can facilitate you in your quest for clarity, calm, and knowing you for whom you truly be (and not what youíve bought as yours from others) Ösimply by running your bars. So easy, yet so very, very effective.

I will soon be a Body Access practitioner as well, so check back or contact me to see when I can offer even more of the valuable tools from Access Consciousness!

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