Name: Rebecca Abraxas
Phone: 303-859-3026
United States
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Hi new friends!
I'm AVAILABLE for you! Bars Classes, Bars sessions, Energetic Facelifts
and Body process Sessions!

What change are you willing to choose? When was the last time you trusted life, felt life was full of possibility and really knew who YOU be? I know, tall order right? But what if that and so much more was possible?

Here's my Access Story:
There was a time in my life when our little family was in crisis. My marriage was in crisis.
Big time!

I have always been one to reach for answers and do just the 'right' thing to 'reach' my potential. I've reached for growth thru religion, spiritual coarses, philosophical/psychological paths, yoga, Gurus, food science, exercise, affirmation, therapy.... the list could go on. So I was really aggravated when my life was "falling apart" and I was out of 'answers'.

So I reached again. This time I asked a friend what Access Bars was. I told her I needed something to radically shift my life. I thought I found another ANSWER to my life's riddle.
Instead I found a LOT OF QUESTIONS that profoundly began to shift my life.

I took the Bars training before I even knew what Access Bars was. And left the training profoundly happy and excited, like the world was full of possibilities waiting for me to uncover like a big Easter Egg Hunt.

Since that day I have enjoyed becoming an Access Bars Facilitator, I've taken Access Foundations and level 1 class twice, I've taken the Access 2 and 3 training with Gary Douglas, Been to several body process classes and I've taken the Talk to the Entities Class!

My experience with Access Consciousness and Bars is that it has given me a confidence and a trust in myself that has always wavered in me. Being a singer/songwriter, I have always been creative yet sharing that creation with others has been quite an uncomfortable task for me.
Things have shifted for me. My judgments of myself, my music and my "not good enough" belief that used to run my life no longer have a hold on me.

Also, I used to be a very fearful person. I'm happy to say fear and worry would not describe my personality any more!

I have always known that the ME that is surfacing was a possibility and I spent many years and modalities trying to uncover her. Today, I'm happy to say I am more ME then I have ever been and I love playing with her.

Oh yea, and When my life starts "falling apart " again. I have my Bars run and ask a question.
Instead of a crisis, it becomes a time of possibility!

What else is possible ?
- Rebecca

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