Name: Elke Howard
Phone: 0413 089 353
Address: Brisbane Runcorn Australia
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Be YOU and change the world!

What would it take to find the greatness in you?
What would it take to Be YOU and change the world?
What would it take to live your life with more ease and joy and glory?

Are you willing to choose more for yourself?

These questions and the tools Access gives you will allow you greater conscious awareness which will open you to new possibilities in your life.

Ask yourself.... Is the life your living now working for you?
No? So what else is possible?

Access tools can be applied to any area of your life...body, relationships, business, money, sex and more.

My own personal journey has taken me across many health and well-being modalities such as Reiki, Aura Soma Theta to name a few. All of these have led me to persue my passion and interest in developing facilitating and empowering people wishing to expand not only their awareness,but the awareness of our planet. I came across Access quite by chance and it has allowed my life to change 180 degrees. For me having this conscious awareness gives my life more clarity, ease and opens the door to new possibilities. The ease I have now in my relationships, money, work, family and friends is now just a question away. Having this awareness ALLOWS me to CHOOSE every situation and possibility that comes up in my life.

How does it get better than this and what else is possible?

Running your BARS regularly is a wonderful way to have more ease in your body and in your life. Receiving this process, usually leaves you with a great sense of peace and a really warm feeling, that there are more possibilities open to you. For some, it will feel like you had a great massage and others it can change your life.

Believe me, this is really awesome stuff!

If this is what you would like to have in your life, then please check out my class schedule for details.

To register for classes and private sessions please call me on 0413 089 353.

All of Life comes to me with ease joy and glory.

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