Name: Roopali Bajaj
Phone: +971505385291
Dubai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkatta, Bangkok
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Roopali Bajaj always sensed she held the gift of intuition. She grew up absorbing the intensities of realities, thoughts, feelings and emotions of the people around her. However unaware of this aptitude and lacking the skills to hone her ability, she began her professional career in the vibrant field of advertising.

She soon grew tired and frustrated of creating false realities for others in the corporate world. Consequently, she embarked upon a quest to find the answers to her intuitive questions. It was then, at a ten-day silence camp, that Roopali found her inner calling and was propelled into the world of spirituality. Her journey entailed guiding others on the path of self-discovery in order to attain self-enlightenment.

In a short span of 10 years, Roopali has become an expert in the field of spiritual coaching and has explored and mastered various modalities. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer, Pranic Healer, EFT and a NLP Practitioner, Gastric Mind Band practitioner. Roopali’s inherent ability to put others at absolute ease has made her a favorite amongst clients. She knows how to approach their problems as a companion, rather than a therapist. She has a remarkable ability to tranform herself into the person the client needs at that moment in time - be it a teacher, a mentor or a friend.

However, despite being equipped with the spiritual tools that these modalities provided, Roopali still found herself faced with a certain discontent; there was a missing piece in the puzzle of her quest to spirituality and she found herself searching for clarity in obscure fantasies. That is when she encountered Access Consciousness and experienced for the first time – an authentic joy that came from awareness that she was an infinite being and has infinite choices to create and generate a life and future she desires. No choice is ever a right or wrong choice and that we can keep choosing to create and generate different possibility.
Having finally found the transformative approach she had been seeking, within six months Roopali became a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness. In addition to being a Body Process Facilitator, she also conducts various Access Consciousness training programs and workshops including ‘Money Consciousness for You’, ‘Conscious Parents, and Conscious Kids.’

Encouraging others to explore their deep seeded inner beliefs and to uproot all their judgements and conclusions with the help of Access tools, Roopali has opened up the door to greater possibilities for many including herself. She propagates the practice of constantly remaining in question and asking, ‘what else is possible?’ at every given point, hence straying away from conclusions and being in the space of ALLOWANCE and creation.

“Be YOU and create the change” is her motto for her clients. Roopali has come to realize through Access, that there is nobody outside your reality that can create the change; everything that is has to come from within yourself. She strives to inspire and guide others to finally step up and create their own desired reality by shedding away excuses and getting out there in order to truly discover the potency and alleviation that comes by being in awareness and constant allowance.

Classes that Roopali Bajaj Facilitates:
Bars - 1 Day
Foundation - 2 Days
Level 1 - 2 Days

Shorter Classes (2-4 hrs)
Right Voice For You Taster
Talk to the Entities Beginners
Access Body Processes
Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids
You, Your Body and the Earth
Consciousness in Business
Are you listening to your Body?
Money is not the Problem
Being You, Being Magic
Divorceless Relationships

Client Testimonials:

When I first met Roopali I knew she's the unorthodox, non conformist healer that shakes and stirs the very core of being by just being herself. She radiates with high surcharge of positive energy ,with good sense of humour that allow her clients to comfortably speak about their pain points, a discussion perceived challenging by most and wins their trust very quickly. Roopali promotes access consciousness with passion and conviction and is an amazing methodology, that reminds people of a long lost connection with the Universe and the Onness of all there is and that only you are the creator of change. She speaks from the heart, a quality that certainly makes her approachable, genuine and looked upon as a role model that invite people to make a different choice.... How does it get any better than that?

Tania S

Hello friends!,

I got introduced to Access Consciousness through my Bars Class in Feb 2014 and have been using the tools and processes since then. I am fortunate to have done the foundation and level 1 with a wonderful facilitator Roopali Bajaj.
I these four days of foundation and level 1 I am so much more aware of my limited points of views and the judgments that I hold to create them. The clearings given by Roopali are just amazing and give me a lot of clarity and awareness. Each and every person has been an amazing contribution in the class and to each other and for me it was a life time experience! Thank you Gary, Thank you Dain, Thank you Roopali times a Godzillion

lots of love

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