Name: Michelle Estes
Phone: 9165014717
Address: 9150 Tullamore Ct. Sacramento CA
United States
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Since attending my first Access Bars class in March of 2013, I haven't stopped. I've immersed myself into Bars classes and telecalls. I've attended Foundation and Level I 3 different times this year and attended Level 2/3 with Gary and ESB with Dr. Dain Heer. I've chosen this not because they are difficult but because of the amount of change I felt after each one. My life in the last 2 years has changed dramatically. I am no longer hostage to the beliefs, feelings and actions of my past, I am FREE and I am Creating My Life.

Utilizing the tools of Access has opened me up to a foundation of joy and happiness that is beyond what I knew was possible and is now a constant in my life...I no longer look for what is wrong with me, or what needs fixing. Now I choose to have more and more of ME, more of life, and I have a far greater awareness that I ever thought possible....My life continues to expand and unfold in so many glorious and beautiful ways, and I am truly grateful for all that I BE!.

I am an Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor and an Access Bars and Body Practitioner and Facilitator. My mission is to help individuals just like you to find their voice, their power, the joy inside and the MORE they are looking for in life. Life is too short to keep living your life for someone other than YOU!

What contribution to your journey can my body and I be? Call today and schedule your session or join me in one of my upcoming Access Bars classes.

Blessings of infinite joy and giggles to you!


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