Name: Caly Lehrer
Phone: 303.862.5424
Colorado & New Jersey
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Do you remember being told to stop asking so many questions when you were a child? Maybe as an adult you're still told you ask too many questions! In this reality, we're conditioned to find the "answers" rather than to ask questions. What if, however, on some level you know that asking questions is what actually opens doors to boundless possibilities?

For me, even before I knew about Access Consciousness®, it all started with a question. A few years ago, I was living in New Jersey and going through some major life changes. As I would meditate, I kept asking, What's next? Imagine my surprise when I was guided to move from New Jersey to Colorado. At first I chuckled and said, "No, really....what's next?" Again, I kept having the awareness that moving to Colorado would be a contribution to me. Suddenly, everywhere I turned there were references to Colorado - cars with Colorado license plates would pass me on the road; standing in line at the supermarket the person behind me would be chatting on their cell phone about their cousin in Denver; and even the local news station would report the weather for Colorado! It couldn't have been any more obvious. And so I chose to follow my awareness and go. My choice was not necessarily well-received...most people thought I was nuts. After all, I had an established business in New Jersey, I didn't have any family/friends out in Colorado, and other than a couple of business trips I had been on, I didn't know much about Colorado at all. Regardless, I knew this move was what felt light for me. And so I chose to trust in me. As people would argue with me and tell me why I should stay in New Jersey, I would simply say, "I know this makes no sense and I know it's what's right for me."

Once I moved to Colorado, I was going through some challenging times and began asking, "What can I do here?" I kept seeing someone's face that I met at a networking event. At first, I didn't pay much attention; however, once her image kept popping into my awareness, I decided to call her to find out more about what she did. I made a choice...I took a step! It was during that phone call that she told me about Bars. Huh? She explained what Bars was and said she offered private sessions, as well as Bars classes. I asked when her next class was (cute me thought it would be a month or two away). Imagine my surprise when I learned it was in a few days. Again, I had a choice to make...and I chose to take the class. I scrambled to come up with the money, and that's how my adventure with Access Consciousness® began.

Prior to my first Bars Class, I had no idea that I was already integrating some of the Access tools (living in question, albeit a little bit at the time, and following the energy). This class, however, began to unlock many limitations I had chosen to hold onto - limitations that I thought were serving me! The tools of Access were (and still are) shifting my life in dynamic ways!

After my first Bars Class, I fulfilled the requirements to become a Bars Practitioner and took several Foundation, Level I and Level 2/3 classes throughout the years. I then chose to take the 3-Day Body Process Class, which opened up even more doors for me and my body. All of these tools are dynamic! And I love that with each/every class I take, I allow myself to receive more and more. Receiving was always an interesting area for me...I was always the giver, the "go to" person, the one who made things "right" for everyone else (while ignoring myself and my desires). Since Access, however, I have opened up to a whole new level of receiving. And here's the beauty...the more I receive (from life, from nature, the Universe, people), the more I have to contribute to others! Most of my life I thought it was "good" to cut off my receiving! That really wasn't working for me all. Someone once shared that in this reality, we tend to fight for who can receive the least. I was a major prizewinner at that cute (and oh so limiting) game. Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you ready to receive more from life? Do you trust yourself to know what is going to be the best contribution to your life and your living? Are you even living from a place of choice...or are you locked into the constraints of limitation somehow? When I step into the potency of choice, amazing things happen. So ask yourself: Am I ready to choose even greater possibilities? What else is possible? How does it get even better than this? It's all a choice!

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