Name: Kim Coles
Phone: 07749921118
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Hi everyone, I`m Kim Coles

I`ve been a beauty, massage and holistic therapist for about 15 years now and along the way I`ve trained in quite a few healing modalities and been on the 'personal development/spiritual growth path' for a while. Believe me, NOTHING has grabbed my attention more than Access Consciousness and I have the attention span of a gnat. I cannot get bored with this stuff, it`s that expansive and fun.

I can honestly say I`m just so much happier since Access came into my life. A far cry from the days when I thought I must be wired all wrong because I just didn`t seem to fit in. Still don`t, not that I mind. These days I`m more likely to be celebrating my uniqueness.

Access Consciousness has been called weird and wacky and I`ll go along with that. In fact, I`ll endorse it. I love that Access does not claim to be the answer or have answers. They invite you instead to be in question around whatever concerns you, questions bring up the awareness of possibilities that are available to you which then leads you to choice. It`s called 'unlocking your awareness, knowing and potency'. So, instead of telling you what to do, they empower you to know what you know as the powerful creator of your life that you are. Isn`t that great? How did we get so lucky?

I offer private Bars sessions, Bars classes, the Energetic Facelift and other body processes.

Would you consider investing in you?

So, why choose The Bars? It takes a lot of energy to keep disempowering belief systems in place. Would you be willing to make another choice and set yourself free? Holding certain points on your head, which relate to specific areas of life, will start to dissipate this locked up energy. You`ll start to become aware of what else is possible for you and your life. Also induces calm and inner peace and deep rest, relaxation and receiving for your body. What contribution could that be for you?

Energetic Face Lift - Also works on lifting the body, not just the face. Would you like to look younger and more radiant? Would you like to get the sparkle back in your eyes? Let this beautiful energy soothe away the stress that`s showing in your skin, making those lines and shadows less noticeable and your skin tone more even and firmer with each session.

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