Name: Lauren Grey
Phone: 219.508.8233
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Bars Facilitator
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Facelift Facilitator
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Hello! Welcome! Don't you love the synchronicity that has brought us together?!

You know, it is said that after a Bars session at minimum you'll feel so serene, so relaxed, as though you had a wonderful massage, ... and at best your life will change. Three days after attending my first Bars class, I woke up declaring "I'm out of here!" Within 5 weeks I had sent everything I owned ... all 10,000 cubic feet of art, home, studio and office... to auction, had my house readied and on the market. In one more week, the buyers I had asked for came and fell in love. And my dogs and I are now back in Arizona living our dream life.

You, too, can experience all the changes you are looking for in your life...
+ Relief from stress and anxiety
+ Clearing away the clutter & chaos in your mind preventing you from living the life you want
+ Realization of peace and clarity
+ That sense of joy and magic that you've always wanted!

You can have all this and more when you simply receive a Bars session. Bars consists of lightly touching 32 points on the head - points like joy, control, creativity, or peace and calm. The gentle touching of these points serves as a release, allowing you to clear out old, irrelevant messages so you can start your life over fresh and filled with joy.

After you've had a Bars session, we can move into the various healing Body Processes. You are doing the healing, ... we are only helping move you into a vibration that allows the healing you are summoning. The Body Processes range from Energetic Facelift to Zero Sum of Trauma, from processes for various organs and diseases, to processes that restore your cells to their healthy state before injury or trauma.

Access Consciousness work is very powerful, very self-empowering, and very immediate because we are simply facilitating your ability to access your own consciousness to make your own changes.

We will be delighted to work with you on your schedule, at your own pace, to help you get your lovely, joyous life back and start living your dream!

And what's even more exciting, Access Consciousness's Bars and Body Processes are as powerful and effective when used for your animals and children, as they are for yourself! We are delighted to group the entire family's sessions - yours, your children's and your pets' - into one day so you can all share in the love, joy and self-empowerment.

When you are ready to learn Access Consciousness tools for yourself, please join us in our Bars classes and individual Access Body Processes classes. If you do not see a class listed when you would like to take one, just call or email and we'll see what we can set up for you.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. What if now is the time to discover the potency, the joy and the magnificence of YOU? What would you like to create your world as?

Are you ready to get started? Here’s a tool you can play with when you wake up each morning... just ask “Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?” What if you could start to create your life as different, just by asking a question? Consciousness truly is that easy.

Come join in the fun! All of MY life comes to ME with Ease, Joy and Glory! Let's get you saying the same ... All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....

Lauren Grey

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