Name: Rebecca Boswell (NCBTMB Approved Provider) CF
Phone: 518-391-0484
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Hello, Lovely!

When is the last time you said proclaimed a full-on YES! to you, living, and receiving all that is available to you?

What if you could BE peace, calm, zest, zip... all at the same time? What if instead of getting hooked into the wrongness of things, you could choose the strongness of YOU, and BE the invitation of possibility you and the world require?

Are you ready for something different?

How much fun can we have?!

Rebecca, CFMW

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P.S. Would you like to attend/host a class? I take this show on the road! What would be fun?
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~ Right Voice For You Breakthrough Classes
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~ Something completely different...?

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"All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!"

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