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In fall 2000, I came to the realization that the life I was choosing to live was not conducive to the potent creator screaming inside me to be heard. At this same time, I was given a copy of the book, “Conversions With God” by Neale Donald Walsch and joined a weekly group, lead by a Reiki master, dealing with the content.

Wow! It became the beginning of my intense spiritual journey. It’s amazing how the universe contributes to you when you're ready to choose!
I began seeing the leader for Reiki sessions and began to be lead to other forms of natural energy healing. I loved the way it made me feel rejuvenated and happy, yet I still felt like there was something more- something bigger.

I met a woman who introduced me to Access Consciousness. I started to see her for one-on-one coaching and with the tools I learned from her, I noticed something big was shifting in my life.
Next, I took a Bars class. I found my anxiety was gone and no matter how stressful the environment was, I managed to still feel an inner peace. I felt my relationships with my coworkers shift as well. Even having worked with them for 4 years, I felt distant from them. After the Access tools, my relationships, not just with them, became easier and more loving.

I felt it was time to no longer do this type of healing just for myself, but to be the catalyst for others to have the same joy and inner peace I had experienced. I became an Access Bars practitioner and facilitator.

I loving facilitating people in the direction to generate their natural healing and start to feel more alive and joyful!

What if today, you allow yourself to receive possibility, ease, and energy of the life you are meant to fully live? What living could you create? What else is possible? Would you like to know more?

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Possibility Creator
Desiree Aragon

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