Name: Jenn Wood
Phone: 519-770-6992
Address: Paris, Brantford, Surrounding Areas
Brant County
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“I started my journey with energy healing in July of 2012. At that time I was desperate for healing and guidance. After countless sessions in therapy I felt a deep hopeless reality. When I arrived at counselling I was asked to fill out a few “assessments”. The results showed signs of anxiety, depression and OCD. Knowing that on the exterior I came across as a pretty positive person the counsellor suggested I redo the assessment and complete my analysis when I was in a “better frame of mind”. I retook the test and because I didn't want to be “labeled” as depressed, I lied my way through every question. Although the results came back not quite as severe, I was still diagnosed with anxiety and depression and strongly encouraged to meet my family doctor to get a prescription for anti depressants.
Truth was that I couldn't even hide it from myself.

​This was a breaking point for me! After all the disappointments in my life and every obstacle I had managed to overcome I felt defeated. I was dying inside. I had given up fighting and convinced myself I was weak and hopeless.

That wasn't okay with me. I knew there had to be more to life and I knew there were many more possibilities, I just didn't know what they were. So I started doing research online and met with a wonderful lady who introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and WOW!After one session I walked away feeling more hopeful than ever. I could feel my life start to change and I wanted more. I was then introduced to a woman who “ran bars”. I had my bars run for the first time not really knowing what to expect and once again I was blown away. The feeling of empowerment after having a bars session was indescribable. I felt like a whole new woman. Bars is a energy healing technique which is the foundation of Access Consciousness.

​Life as I knew it suddenly seemed worth it again. I became stronger, more confident, sharper, and happier with everything that came into my life. I now wanted to share what I had learned with the world!

​So here I am. Certified Bars Practitioner, EFT Healer, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Entrepreneur.

​I’m here...Change IS possible...Just take the chance and choose it!"

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