Name: Auriel Coleman
Phone: 262-573-2078
Address: 11019 N Towne Square Rd, Suite 4
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About Me

I have been a seeker for many years, and have explored many different teachings and paradigms, and finally feel like I have found something that really fits me and my life when I found Bars and Access tools. I have been doing body work and energy work for over 20 years, and am a Certified Bars Facilitator, as well as a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and have trained in numerous energy modalities and energy psychology modalities, such as EFT, Meta Medicine and Matrix Energetics. I am certified in Medical Aromatherapy, and love working with the beautiful fragrances and healing qualities of essential oils, and sharing these tools with others as a facilitator.

I absolutely love facilitating change and possibilities for people and for their bodies. I love to share tools and techniques that have worked for me, and play with expanding what is possible!


Professional Experience:

I have 25 years experience in Sports Massage, working with athletes and those in chronic pain, primarily in clinical environments, so I have received a lot of knowing and awareness about bodies, and also about the extremes of bodies; pushing limits to excel, and dealing with injuries and pain. I have the ability to look at someone's body and see what is not working in their bio mechanics, and facilitate changes through bodywork. I also can work with bodies through energy processes, and of course, through Bars. How does it get any better?

I also love facilitating changes for those with sticky, unworkable patterns in their lives. I have worked with EFT for years, and had experience and developed awareness about stuck psychological patterns, phobias, relationships issues, and chronic body patterns, such as asthma, and had some really fabulous results facilitating change. Now, using Access tools and Bars, I find that even more change is possible, and it is quicker, easier and more fun! I love that!


Personal Experience with Bars:

I have made more changes in my own life, since I started actually receiving Bars weekly myself, that I cannot believe how fast my life and living has transformed! I have created a whole new business, with a new office, in a fabulous location, that is working, and have transformed my money flows into something that really works for me! Someone last night told me that I am looking younger, too! Yahoo!

My website, for more information, and even a map to my office, is:

My invitation to you:

If you live near Milwaukee and can travel easily to Mequon in Ozaukee County, call me and let's play and see what we can facilitate together for you, your body, and your life!


Here is what someone had to say about working with me, facilitating Access Bars:


"It is not often in life we truly get to "begin again, and start fresh," but that is exactly what Auriel's Access Bars therapy was able to do for me. Two significant life altering events occurred years ago that had left me anxious and worried in ways that kept from enjoying life to it's fullest. This anxiety and worry was not only harmful to me, but to the people I loved most and wanted to protect. After just my first session with Auriel, I noticed a significant change in my ability to relax and let go of the past. I felt better and more relaxed than I'd felt in a very long time. I have continued the energy work with Auriel and after each session, feel more relaxed and less worried. I had no idea the weight and anxiety of the past was affecting me as much as it was. Not only does the therapy help you release the past, it also helps give you new coping strategies and ways of thinking that are far more beneficial. I have more energy for what matters most in my life"

Wendy - Grafton, WI



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