Name: Christel Crawford
Phone: 778-870-3673
West Vancouver
British Columbia
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"Hello, blank paper. My friend…."

I spent countless nights crying, praying and writing in the semi-dark of my bedroom. My world was conflicted, dark, lonely sad and heavy. My parents fought all the time; my dad came to me at night and did things I later, and with great embarrassment, had to share; I was nerdy & quiet & got made fun of at school, and even after my dad left, my mother was constantly stressed & unhappy with her life and the five of us, and made most things my fault. I spent much of my time at home mediating/abating conflict and trying to avoid the spotlight.

There was so much I wanted to be, that I yearned to be. So much I wanted to do better. My solaces were my angels, God, and the notebooks that peppered my bedroom and my life. I spent every moment I could trying solve & fix the environment that I was thought was responsible for creating all of it for me, and even more moments, trying to get away from me.

I SO didn’t want to be unhappy. As I got older, I tried every single way ‘out’ the world tells you will work: church, therapy, EMDR, bodywork, meditation, and self-help book after self-help book. And it helped some. But at 35, I found myself on the lawn in front of my big farm house, in my second marriage, weeping & about to go drown myself in our bathtub. I hit total, utter rock bottom.

No one ever told me that I KNEW. That I didn’t have to keep being unhappy. That I was the magic. That I could choose. That inside of me were all the keys. That life could be ease… and joy-filled…. and amazing. Until Access Consciousness. And after one BARS session, I knew something different. There was a S P A C E created for me there that I had never experienced before. And the beginnings of a glimpse into what was actually possible if I chose to go farther.

I’d been seeing a professional after that rock bottom moment, who had helped get me to coping and much better. But after I started using the Access tools, I began to see major change. In months, I was able to change the constant over-analyzing that had plagued me with headaches & tremendous inner conflict. The amount that I hated myself just seemed to keep disappearing. And my total willingness to come out from being invisible changed into an easy choice to be international. After a five-day class, I was making a plan to get trained and to take these tools to the rest of the world.

Today, I’m an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. I teach classes all over. I facilitate worldwide tele calls. I create the space for people to choose and be more of them. I author. I expand & coordinate worldwide organizations. And I LIVE. I live. I laugh and I play and I love and I choose and I make mistakes and I live.

I’m continuously overrun with gratitude for the gift that Access is and has been in my life. I’ve watched people come to me totally blocked off and walled away, and in front of my eyes transform into a soft, kind pliable choosing being. I’ve been witness to relationships totally changing, and people finally stepping into what they’ve always wished to do. I’ve see people turn into walking miracles right in front of my eyes, and everything in me is so excited to keep going.

If you've ever known that something else MUST be possible - that there has to be something MORE….

You know. You. And I can’t wait to watch you fly.




Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 23/Mar/2017 West Vancouver, British Columbia Christel Crawford  & 
Karlina Van der Weij
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 29/Mar/2017 West Vancouver, British Columbia Christel Crawford
Access Bars® 23/Apr/2017 West Vancouver, British Columbia Christel Crawford
Access Bars® 6/May/2017 West Vancouver, British Columbia Christel Crawford
Access Bars® 8/Jun/2017 Hunstville, Alabama Marnie Barranco  & 
Christel Crawford