Name: Dr. Fiona Miller
Phone: +61 438 873 406
Brisbane & Sunshine Coast
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Hi I'm Fiona, Access Facilitator, Chiropractor and lover of all things to do with bodies.

About ten years ago I was working in a large Accountancy Firm in Brisbane. I was stressed out, over worked and so disillusioned with my life that I would often imagine myself veering into the oncoming traffic on the way to work. At the time I wasn't really quite sure how I got to that point, how I had drifted into a career that I hated, how I had come to live with a partner that was more like a brother and how I had a body that already felt like it was on the downhill. Surely there was more to life than going to work, getting drunk on Friday and buying matching towel sets on the weekends? Somehow I knew that something else was possible, I just hadn't seen it yet. So I began looking. I began looking for the perfect career, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect body and the perfect life.

Within a year I had found a new career, a new boyfriend and a new home in New Zealand. But before long I was stressed out, depressed and even more disillusioned. I didn't understand how I could have changed all of the elements and still pretty much felt the same. What was I missing? And how come everyone else seemed to get it? Maybe I was just a total idiot who'd never be happy.

Then I stumbled on Access Consciousness. I had my Bars run, went to some classes, read all the books and then things started to change. I started to become aware of a whole universe of energies that I had been ignoring and a whole world of possibilities that I had never even considered. And suddenly the world became a much more interesting place.

I began to realise that I was constructing my life based on judgment and based on what I thought other people thought I should be doing. I was making choices based on getting it perfect and from avoiding everything else, not from the energy of what I would like my life to be.

Since doing Access, my boredom, stress and depression have disappeared, my finances, my body and my relationships have improved. What I see as the real gift of Access though is what has become possible for me and my future and the awareness that no matter what, I have the tools to change and create anything.

I am so incredibly excited about what else is possible, what else I can be and what else I can contribute to you and to the planet?

I work a lot with bodies and body "issues". If you have a body and you are you constantly dealing with what it needs, what it looks like, what is wrong with it, what it wonít do and what it canít do. Or you are one of the few people that enjoy your body and would like to know how to enjoy it more then Iíd like to invite you to a different possibility. What I'm interested in what your body CAN do, whatís amazing about it and what capacities it has that you havenít even started to explore yet.

If you have any questions or you are interested in finding out more about Access Consciousness I am available for Bars, Foundation, Level One, introductory evenings, group workshops and one-on-one verbal, symphony of possibilities or bodywork sessions.

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