Name: Lisa Perry
Phone: 4084294294
Address: 378 Santana Row
San Jose
United States
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Hello Beautifuls,

Thank you so much for your interest in choosing Access Consciousness and what else is possible!

As a light worker, I have specialized in many beautiful modalities to create more ease and harmony in bodies at several levels.

I started out over 20 years ago in therapeutic massage and quickly realized I love working with energy.
I am licensed and or certified in the following:

Access Consciousness Bars
Access Consciousness Body Processes
Metatronia Therapy
Sound healer
Land healer

Access Consciousness offers tools to unlock areas we have solidified in our sweet bodies and quickly unravels and let's it go with ease! There is so much space created that allows you to step into more of who you truly BE. Being You is the greatest gift to yourself and this planet.

I am so grateful for these tools and am a Bars facilitator offering one on one sessions as well as teaching one day classes and certifying others.

I also joyfully offer sessions using Access Body processes!

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