Name: Greg Bryers
Phone: +64 272764953
Address: Herrenstrasse 22
Totzenbach 3062
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I have been offering Bars as a Practitioner and facilitator for over five years now. This is an amazing Gift to the world. What amazing set of tools that teaches the body to receive so dynamically. The Bars create a space where the body can also release locked up emotions, thoughts , feelings and more that we have taken on as our own as we grew up. much of this no-longer serves us and so as we let go we create space for change...what space...what change. I am so grateful for the changes to my life these amazing tools have given me.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars Gifting & Receiving 4/Apr/2017 3062 Totzenbach Gabriele Liesenfeld  & 
Greg Bryers
Access Bars 27/May/2017 Totzenbach Greg Bryers  & 
Gabriele Liesenfeld