Name: Catrin Alhaug
Phone: +47 977 80 187
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Hello beautiful being!

My name is Catrin, currently a resident of Oslo Norway, and I am so grateful for the tools of access and the hands on techniques that have created so much change in my life.

These tools and the amazing facilitators and co creators have helped me on my way out of burn out and deep patterns that have not been working for me in my life.

It is therefore my true pleasure to now be able to share these tools, and I am honored to meet so many courageous people that are demanding something different for themselves and the world.

What fun can we have creating things we never thought were possible?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 31/Mar/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug  & 
Lill yunn Nermoen-Hanssen
Access Bars 7/May/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug
Access Bars 11/Jun/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug
Access Bars 20/Aug/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug
Access Bars 10/Sep/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug
Access Bars 1/Oct/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug
Access Bars 4/Nov/2017 Oslo Catrin Alhaug