Name: Fiona Cutts
Phone: 07903019461
Address: 1 Crossley Street Longfield Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Hello beautiful you!

Thanks for coming to my page!

Have you always known there has to be MORE?

More joy, more fun, more abundance, more connection, more yumminess, more bliss, more vitality, .................

Me too – I always knew there had to be more..................and with the tools of Access, I am allowing myself to receive more and more, expand more and more.....and what else is possible?

This is just the beginning!

It wasn’t always like this for me.

Ten years ago, from one day to the next, I became ill with the mysterious and confusing and horrible condition Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / CFS / ME. For the next few years, I could scarcely function, and my life was incredibly limited – some days not even having the energy to leave the house. And I had lots of symptoms – brain fog, poor concentration, and fatigue, fatigue, fatigue , no matter how much I rested and how much I slept.

I got myself completely well with Integrated Energy Healing, the Emotional Freedom Technique, reiki healing, and nutritional support and an activity plan,

These tools were hugely powerful for me – and I have been using them in my healing practice for the last few years.

Then I found out about Access!

The Access tools are simply the quickest, easiest and most fun way of becoming more well and changing any area of your life where you're stuck that I have ever encountered.

I was already really well – and I’ve changed so many things since finding Access ten months ago.

I have more joy, more freedom, more fun, more vitality, more connection, more yumminess than ever before!

My healing business has transformed. I no longer procrastinate. I no longer fear getting myself “out there” – actually I enjoy it! I have so many ideas for my business it’s incredible! And my money issues are receding – and more abundance coming in.

What else is possible?

And what’s possible for lovely you?

Nowadays, I work with people who would like more energy, more vitality and more joy in their lives whatever your starting point.......

I offer:

- Individual Bars healing sessions, including verbal processes

- Individual hands on healing sessions, incorporating the energy healing tools I've been using for the last few years and some Access body processes

- Verbal processes sessions by phone (I have attended level 2 and 3)

- Bars classes

- Bars swaps

- Bars taster sessions

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 30/Mar/2017 Todmorden, near Manchester, near Leeds Fiona Cutts
Access Bars® 15/Apr/2017 Todmorden, near Manchester, near Leeds Fiona Cutts