Name: Seema Sharma
Phone: +91-9811349508
Address: Anand Niketan (South Delhi and Gurgaon)
New Delhi
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The first Bars Session I received was a magical experience for me, and since then my journey with Access started and am enjoying the ride. I am a Bars Facilitator now and I enjoy teaching Bars certification classes.

​To get a better understanding of what a Bars session has to offer, please read this article in the Body and Beyond magazine that carries a third-person account of a session​ someone did with me​​:​

Apart from personal sessions as described in the article above, I offer group sessions of introducing tools from Access Consciousness for an improved life and living with a lot of ease and peace around everyday issues. These tools that can be applied to everyday situations to come out of limitations and into out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Here's what a senior professional in a multinational company had to say about a workshop he did with me:

​"I really really enjoyed access bars training with you.
I have been doing access bars and please find below my feedback :
" The bars have put me into a totally different frame of mind. I am feeling extremely positive and happy without any external reason.
Additionally, prior to bars I have been having difference of opinion with my boss, however, post my class and practice, my differences have literally vanished. Further, my energy levels are all time high. Bars have given me a quantum leap in all facets of my life.​"

Access empowers people to know that they know, and this has brought about a lot of changes in my own life. It is heartening to see the changes people experience as they begin to explore and use the tools of Access to their life challenges and transformations come about without struggle.

I enjoy teaching Access Bars certification classes along with Body process classes. On invitation, I travel to other cities for these classes and sessions as well.
On invitation, I enjoy giving Access Bars tasters and meet greet sessions where we talk about Access and how Bars can contribute to your life and living.

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