Name: Karen Cooper
Te Anau
New Zealand
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Hello and Welcome to making a new You,

My first experience with Bars was instant change, I was 50 years old and asking for peace of mind and release from the constant mind chatter.
Back in April 2010 a postcard was in my letter box about Access Consciousness Bars, only the day before I had an awareness that something was about to change my life, So I booked a session.

During my session the Facilitator said a clearing statement that caused what felt like an electrical storm going off in my head.
The next day upon waking I felt 17 years of age, after the Best sleep in decades and feeling light and happy.

If you are in Te Anau give me a call or email, To schedule an :

* Access Bars session - about an hour
* Access Bars Class - a full day or 2 evenings
* A Bars Intro Talk - for as long as it takes, up to 4hrs
* A Bars Taster - about 20 minutes

We can start some change by asking questions together! How cool would that be?

You can also check me out on Facebook

My email is
or phone/txt me 0276015887

Here's a question for you to ask yourself........What if I started each day with my choice of priorities, that work for me?

Take care and See you soon

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