Name: Christopher Mioni
Phone: (510) 408-7522
SF Bay Area, CA
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Christopher Mioni offers intuitive energy healing sessions to individuals who want to change their lives now. He has spent 23 years pursuing his personal self-awareness aggressively, meeting with others to this end over 3,000 times. He has been certified to practice energy healing since 2012.

Christopher offers sessions by telephone and in-person. To schedule a healing session, send him a message via the link above or at

He is a certified:
- Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator
- ThetaHealing instructor
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner
- Crystal Remote Viewing instructor

He is also trained in:
- Access Consciousness (Level 2/3)
- Matrix Energetics
- Marc Steinberg training
- Landmark Forum
- The Dale Carnegie Course
- Dancing Freedom
- Resonance Project (Delegate)
- Psychology (university coursework)

He participates in:
- Life coaching, somatic experiencing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and re-parenting (100+ sessions)
- Tribe of Men (active member since 2013)
- Lakota Native American prayer ceremonies, 15-hour medicine ceremonies, and sweat lodges

Christopher received a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State University system, graduated with high honors (magna cum laude), and is a faculty-elected member of Phi Beta Kappa, America’s oldest academic honor society. He was raised in 3 countries and speaks 4 languages. He lives in Marin County, CA with his hilarious girlfriend who is also a talented intuitive healer. To schedule a healing session with him, send him a message via the link above or at

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