Name: Colleen Heppner
Phone: +61448 016 026
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What if you could find pathways to being all of you? ... What if you could find Pathways to Being all of you?

What if those Pathways to Being all of you were the missing link that you have always been searching
for ... And what if you could perceive, know, be and receive the Pathways to Being all of who you be
with absolute ease, joy and fun ...?

For many years I searched for something that seemed to be missing in my life. I read many, many self-
help books, studied at the College of Actualising Human Potential and took part in many other modalities
to find the missing link that would create change in my life. Whilst there were glimpses of possibility
along the Pathway to being all of me, overall my life appeared to be going further into the sewer pit.

And then I found the missing link … the Pathways to Being all of me. Access Consciousness®
came into my life.

Access Consciousness® was like a breath of fresh air. It not only created ease but could be done with so much
ease and fun!

By utilising the Access tools of being in the question, expanding my energy and coming out of the mind
into conscious awareness, I began to create change in my life, more than at any other time. Some of
the change was ever so subtle and other changes were quite profound. I created much more ease in
my relationships and in particular the relationship I have with my self.

My work relationships changed astoundingly. The negative mind chatter that constantly judged me, that made
me feel either right , wrong, good, bad or ‘not good enough’, has become non-existent. I now have
better sleep… I am much, much happier than I have ever been… it’s just a choice… life is much lighter
and much less intense… it’s just a choice. Many more possibilities and opportunities have opened
up for me and I am doing and engaging in activities I would not have thought possible even 2 years ago.

What is the one choice that you could make, that you haven’t made, that if you would make it and
choose it, would allow you to perceive, know, be and receive all of who you truly be with ease, joy and fun!

It’s just a choice …

As I continue to choose and use the tools of Access Consciousness® the more my life continues to
change and expand in every way.

What else could be possible if you choose?

I offer personal Access Bars Session and Facilitation.

I also offer over 50 different Access Body treatments for those who desire to have more in their life and to
have greater possibilities, different choices and a different way of being. These processes are designed
to open the doors to a different reality.

I facilitate Bars Trainings and provide Bars Gifting and Receiving Swap events.

I am willing to travel to your town or suburb, with negotiation, to either teach Access Bars Classes
and/or offer Personal Access Bars sessions for groups of people ...

If currently available classes are difficult for you to attend, please contact me to arrange a more suitable
day, just for you ... What else is possible?

To book a Bars session or join a class, or for further information you can contact me on 0448 016 026.

I am so grateful to Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for the tools of Access Consciousness®.

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