Name: Kathy Williams CEUs provider
Phone: 808-268-8708
Maui is home base & I travel!! Honolulu, Chicago IL San Diego & wherever YOU are
Hawaii, Illinois in June, & willing to travel!
See scheduled classes below

Thank you for coming to read about me! How does it feel to have the energy of gratitude?! How can we play together and create more consciousness, peace and joy on the planet......& have fun doing it?! I have always been an explorer, a seeker, a discoverer of something more, and the tools of Access Consciousness continue to delight me.

Because of the enthusiasm for them, I often have an Access Bars or Body Class in the works!
Find them at

I also have a busy practice of Bars sessions. This modality is such a gift in my life. Please call 808-268-8708 to schedule.

For well over a decade I've studied & practiced multiple healing modalities.
I have certifications in the following:

- Coaching
- Viniyoga/ Yoga Therapy
- Reiki
- Pranic Healing
- Breath Therapy
- Ayurvedic Healing
- Angel Healing
- Causal Plane Healing
- Meditation & Guided Visualization
- Ancient Hawaiian Healing
- Access Consciousness Body, Bars & Facelift Facilitation

Access Consciouness has taken all the other work and positive changes to another level.

Access allowed me to release my constant self-criticism. It's also expanded the possibilities financially, in my relationships, my sense of peace, relaxation, ease in my body, & more. How does it get any better than that?!

So are you ready to expand your world, and what is possible for you? Ready to have more fun?
How can I support you in bringing your talents, wisdom, love & light, and the wholeness of who-you-are as the greatest contribution you could make to your life and the planet at this time?!

Please contact me to experience a Bars or Access Facelift Energetic Session. No matter where you are, we can use the Access tools. I coach clients across the country, and teach Bars classes on Maui, HI & other places, too.

If you'd like to take a Bars Class, and don't see one listed, please contact me.
There is constant interest, so we can set something up at a time that works for you.

Call me at 808-268-8708.

What amazing possibilities and expansion can we create and generate together, for our lives, and for the planet?!

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 27/Mar/2017 Maui, Hawaii,, Hawaii Kathy Williams CEUs provider
Access Bars 6/Jun/2017 Old Town Chicago, Illinois Kathy Williams CEUs provider  & 
Siris Rivas NCBTMB Provider