Name: Tisha Cullen
Phone: 785-917-0156
Address: Lawrence, Kansas
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I am a SEEKER. A person who is willing to look beyond what is normal and usual to find something that creates change more dynamically than anything else to date. I am willing to BE that change and invite others to have and allow that change into there own life...

No matter what it takes!

I was born a seeker...were you?

Have you ever traded in the essence of you in order to have what must be 'right' in this reality?

I sure have! The moment I got married 14 years ago. Like pushing all the chips into the center of a poker table, I gambled all of me in hopes to 'get it right'. Did I win? Hell No! I gave up and lost all of me in every area of my life.

Have you ever had a relationship, job or moment where you bought the idea that in order for it to be good or right you must be everything or anything other than you?

4 years ago I demanded things to change! Little by little, bit by bit and around every corner I accessed and unearthed all the parts and pieces of me that I had judged out of existence. I discovered almost ALL the judgments and decisions I had about me were not even mine!

The entire first 10 years of my marriage was 100% based on judgment and everyone else's ideals, do you think I fit into any of that? NOPE! Add in 2 children and guess what? I proudly perpetrated ALL those judgments, conclusions and ideals (that weren't even mine) onto my small children so they too could 'fit' into this reality I called life! (I'm cute...Not so smart! :)

Now, how on earth can a person who wasted TEN years assist anyone in the subject of Life????

Because I'm a seeker! Because I made a choice to do what ever it takes to have all of me! Because the moment I chose something beyond what everyone else was doing and having...everything changed!!!

How? I simply started asking questions!

I began looking for the possibilities and CHOOSING differently!

Today, I have a life and marriage I could have never dreamed of 14 years ago! I'd love to say I'm married to the same man I said 'I Do' to 14 years ago, but I can't!

You see, the moment I began to allow ME to begin LIVING, the second I began showing up as me in my life and marriage... a beautiful and unimaginable thing happened! Me choosing change was an invitation to my husband. Me being me, invited him to choose to have and allow that change in his own life! It just so happens that to date we enjoy the continuous unveiling of one another- which is nothing like who we once pretended to be.

Everyday I ask 'who would be fun to play with in this life?'. And so far, more of who he truly BE's pops up and delights my senses and keeps me asking for more!

What would you like to ask more of?

Is it possible that this could be your invitation to that?

Is now the time to allow ALL of YOU???

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