Name: Sangeeta Kochhar
Phone: 91 9810321288
New Delhi
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Hello. Thank you for visiting my page.

I am an Access Bars Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator.
I Facilitate Access Bars and body process classes and am available for Private Sessions and Consultations in New Delhi. I am open to facilitating classes across India and beyond.

If you are here, there is a good chance that like me, you believe in a different possibility than what you are already experiencing so far.
Among the many things that I am, I have been an energy healer for a long time and before coming to Access Consciousness, I have spent most of my life in a relentless search for "something more". Something different to contribute to and expand my life.
A self confessed, hitch hiking gypsy of sorts my healing journey spans over 18 years of seeking and while I was grateful for the change I had created with each Healing technique, so many things in my life still seemed to be a struggle. I felt exhausted most of the time and the happiness I did experience with each practice, was mostly unsustainable. At the end of my wits I was ready to give up my search and make peace with my life as it was.

Thatís when Access showed up in my life! Within the first few hours of my first Bars class,something shifted.
I experienced an awareness and knowing like never before.
Learning to allow myself to receive, letting go of judgement with such ease and the expansion of what else is possible, are some of the most amazing gifts of Access Consciousness to me.

I am so grateful and happy to be able to share these tools and techniques with you.

As I continue to apply the Access tools to daily living, quite quickly and dynamically things continue to change as I continue to create more, more joy, more peace more health, more wealth, more magic and so much more of ME?

What if You could have all of this and so much more? Would you choose it for you?


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