Name: Ana Cristina Studer
Phone: 5153416257
Address: 828 220th Street
United States
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Are you ready for some change with ease in any area of your life?

The Bars are 32 points in the head that when are softly touch can help your body to release stuff that no longer serves you, like considerations about money, relationships, creativity, your body, about sex ....
The least you can get when you receive a Bars session is relaxation....and the best your life can change...:)
The pragmatic tools that Access offers and the hands on processes are very easy to learn and use. You don't need to be an expert in energy work. The Bars and the tools will work if you decide to use them...:) How does it get any easier than this?
Kids , adults, elderly....all of us can gift and receive The Bars...its easy and fun!!!!
If you are interested in a Bars session, or a different Body Process to be gifted to your body...or if you choose to learn the Bars please contact me at:
cell 515-341-6257
or email me at:
I am fluid in Spanish and English ...:)
I live in Iowa and often travel to South Florida...I am willing to teach the Bars and travel to your location...

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