Name: Helen Gustavsson
Phone: +4673-930 00 51
Address: Klippgatan 24c
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I’m a woman that have shifted a whole lot over time and in what I do. If it is not fun, not what I want I will chose something else. This is what I know is true for me. Have I done that all the time, no. Some parts of my life I have been willing to easily change it and others not so easy. One area that I have been willing to change is what I do for a living. I have always had the point of view that work is such a large part, as in time, of one’s life that if I am going to do it it has to be fun. And if it is not fun for me I probably won’t do a good job either, so I might as well change something or change my job.

I have always been curious and been seeking more in life. Mostly around finding a way of life and living that makes me happy. I tried several different alternative classes and courses and still I where on a path were I felt less and less good, nice, fun and yummy about myself and my life. I found Access Consciousness in January 2012. The thing that caught me then was the part of having fun, being happy and having money. The last years before that I had been struggling with money in the way that instead of making more I was making less and I had the point of view “If it is fun for me I won’t make money and I don’t even know what is fun for me so I am screwed” that had sneaked its way in to my head.

In the beginning I was using the Access tools as a “right thing to do”, “doing it right” and “I know there is no right and wrong, absolutely, I still want to do it right so I can change my life and start to be happy again”. I have discovered how I have used the tools against me instead of for me and the biggest aha (so far) is that I am VERY aware of what is going on in other people’s minds and energies, and unfortunately thought that it was my thoughts and energies. Knowing that and starting to really look at “what if there is no right and wrong, would that change this situation? Would I then make another choice? And if anything is truly possible, what would I do and be then?”

That is one of the things that I am looking at and exploring more and more and more in my life. Because is there ever a stop in how much I can explore, develop and grow my life? Is there a stop in how much fun and happiness I can have?
Today I work with different projects and one of them is facilitating other people to see who they are and what if they truly are so much more and can do so much more than they thought were possible? I also do Access body processes and teach Access Bars.

If you would like to find out more about me please look at my webpage or contact me at, skype: helen-gustavsson

Education and skills:
Access Bars facilitator
Attended several foundation and level 1, level 2 & 3, ESB, Access body class and different tele classes.
University degree in Economics and a registered nurse.
Yoga instructor and more ;)

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