Name: Kerri Hoffman
Phone: 0419725962
Sunshine Coast
Australia & The World
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Hi and welcome to my page, thanks for stopping by

I came across Access in 2009 and started having my Bars run weekly.

I had cut so much of myself off to be able to fit into a role as wife and mother that I literally had no clue who I was anymore or where the fun loving person I used to be went. Then I started using the tools I had learnt with my twin daughters to change my relationship with them as well as their father.

Having my Bars run gave me back to myself, it enhances my confidence and allows me to be an aware and a present mother to my children. Being scared of the world for much of my life really held me back from operating at my full potential, in relationships and being successful in my own eyes.
YOU...... hold the potency to becoming everything you'd like to be or create in the world and the planet.
What can I do and be to facilitate YOU in creating the life you desire?

I am available for private Bars sessions , Body processes and Workshops.

Also available to facilitate wonderfully potent Bars classes as well as "A Taste of Access" Intro classes where we unlock the energies of anything that is blocking you from having your phenomenal life!

And now Right Body for You Tasters!!!

How does it get any better than that?

Check out the "Upcoming Classes" tab to see where I'm gonna be next, and if that is nowhere near you lets set something up!

What would it take for me to facilitate a class in your town?!

What else is possible?

Any questions? I would be happy to answer any and all questions that you could ask! All you need to do is click your heels together three times.... or you could go to the "Contact" Tab and click on the link to e-mail me.

I am also a quailified massage therapist incorporating the tools of Access and the Bars to my busy
therapy business. Available for private Bars Sessions, Sports and Relaxtion Massage
"I love getting to see the fast and dynamic results in peoples bodies and lives."

Phone:0419 725 962 for your session

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars Gifting & Receiving 14/Apr/2017 Tewantin, QLD Kerri Hoffman
Access Bars Gifting & Receiving 19/May/2017 Tewantin, QLD Kerri Hoffman