Name: Suzanne Cotter
Phone: 0879554887
Address: currabeha, inniscarra
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Hello Universe,

I am an Access Consciousness Bars and Body facilitator, Indian head massage practitioner, Reiki practitioner and an ITEC qualified Personal Trainer. I have spent the last few years seeking, looking for some kind of magic, something that works for me in my life.
I came across Access Consciousness and I discovered an amazing set of pragmatic tools that helped me create an easier and magic filled life.
I decided to become a facilitator of this life changing modality. Is it possible that life can be easy and fun? That's a YES for me.

I have spent years seeking and looking for ways to have an easier more joy filled life, 4 years ago I came across access consciousness and I choose to have my Bars run and boy o boy boom, my life started to change instantly and at the pace that was for me, I am rather fast hehehe, So I really got to see that if I truly desire change then I will receive, ask and you shall receive, what are you looking to choose?

I am now teaching workshops based on Access Consciousness and I am choosing to share with you these pragmatic tools and empower you to know what you know, would you like to know more about the you? What if you could live a life that is easy and fun.?

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 25/Mar/2017 Cork Suzanne Cotter