Name: Jennifer Hartnett
Phone: 917-921-7428
Address: 8588 Villa La Jolla Drive Apt. 358
La Jolla
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It was the Fall of 2012 when I first found Access, and it was just in time! And, I am so grateful that I found it (or it found me) words are difficult to find.

I was exhausted and had "tried" every personal growth modality I could get my hands on for over 15 years, but I couldn’t seem to create a life that was fulfilling and meaningful to me.

And, virtually every aspect of my life reflected this lack of ease. I was frustrated because I knew that there was a way to create something greater in my life and in the lives of others, but no matter where I looked, I couldn't seem to find it.

Yet, had anyone looked at my life from the outside, they would ever have guessed I felt like I was dying. To many people, I had created a “good life” and it may, in fact, have been a very good life…for someone other than me!

It was in this state when I checked my email and “accidentally” opened an email from a woman I didn’t know, but who had been hosting a personal development tele-call series.

Fifteen minutes later, I was hooked. I found myself listening to a funny, bright and kind man who was speaking a language I understood, even though on a cognitive level, the words he was saying sounded like he was speaking Swahili translated from Greek, that were originally written in Russian!

I did ‘hear’ one thing I could look up, and that was “The BARS”. I “googled” them, found Access, and life has been getting better ever since.

My first BARS session cured my chronic headache and horrible stomach pains and allowed me to get through the rest of a business trip with ease. Three weeks later, I was taking my first BARS class, and then became a BARS Practitioner, and then a BARS Facilitator.

Two years later, my life is unrecognizable.

I relocated from the hustle and bustle of my hometown of NYC, to arguably, one of the most beautiful places I ever saw in the continental US, San Diego, CA. I have surrounded myself with people who truly care for me and have begun trusting in myself and in my gifts more than I had ever been able to do before.

My emotional and physical pain has lessened significantly and when it comes back, I now have practical tools and ways of disappearing it without taking prescription medications…kind of like magic!

Access is the weirdest, wackiest, and most practical set of tools and processes that I have ever encountered, and the best thing is, it’s fun, too! Allowing myself and others around me to be “weird” has given me the ability to allow all kinds of spectacular things to show up in my life that I somehow knew could exist, but I never before could find…I have discovered that “being weird is the NEW cool”.

What would it take for YOU to see how cool YOU really are?

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