Name: Nuthan Shankarappa
Phone: 0469252615
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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........... the magnificent, wonderful, magical being :) : ) :)

Wondering to whom I'm addressing to... its 'YOU'. Yes 'YOU'...the one who is reading it...

Yes we all are this magnificent, magical and awesome infinite beings, yet we try and keep limiting ourselves in all the way we can... creating problems in all possible areas of our lives and just getting ourselves loaded with loads and loads of trauma and drama of life....

Sounds familiar? Thinking is there a way out? Can it get better? Is there a different possibility?

The answer is 'Yes', 'Yes' and 'Yes'...

Then are you wondering how can that be done?
Well you are already doing it...

Are you now wondering what is that you are doing?

You are asking questions... Yes, as Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) has said 'Questions creates Awareness'. Then all you have to do is choose whats fun for you and 'Your choice creates Possibilities'

I was introduced to Access in 2010 and since then I have been in exploring mode, receiving more tools and techniques from access, being aware and making choices that has brought in desired changes in various areas of my life.

All I have to say is 'It is just creating wonders in my life and has kept me wondering 'What Else Is Possible''?

How does it get any better than this?

I facilitate Access Bars Classes. If you wish to come to any of my upcoming classes, just reach me over call/ email.

Other than facilitating access bars classes, I am 'Emotion Code' certified practitioner, Harmonic Healing Practitioner and I am an IT Engineer working in IT sector in a reputed Australia Bank.

With choice comes 'Living' and that creates the Life you have always been wishing for!
Your Choice makes the difference...Choose Now!

What contribution can I be in facilitating joyous living you have been asking for?

All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory!


Reach me Now @+61 469 252 615 or e-mail me @ ''

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