Name: Amy Shine
Phone: 305 7667 389
Delray Beach
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In my early 20's after different life experiences, I started to look and seek more in life through various mediums. Going from a Business Studies background to a Social Care education I took a keen interest in people and also in health, nutrition, exercise, dance movement, yoga, body work and spirituality.

After numerous years of constantly seeking more and never being fully satisfied I found Access Consciousness in September 2012. I went for a session and in 1 hour my whole world changed. I took the Access Bars class and got so much change so fast that I went on to become a Bars Facilitator and later a Body Facilitator. After my first Access Bars class, i left with a sense of me that i never thought I could get here on this planet. There was such a sense of freedom. I have never felt so much ease in my body and life and would love everyone to know that a life of ease and joy is possible. I don't have the same behavior patterns or reaction patterns that I used to. I'm able to enjoy my life in a way I never knew before and am no longer trying to fix myself.

With the tools of Access Consciousness i have stepped into my capacities as a Body worker and really believe that there is nothing in your life or body that you can't change. I see people everyday change their bodies, money situation, relationships and so much more. Its magic. We are magic.

Every time i get my bars run or get a body process i get more of me. The tools of access consciousness empower you to know that you know so i no longer have to make anyone greater than me. I can make choices for me everyday in my life and empower others to do the same. I used to wonder why i was on this Earth. Now I see possibilities everywhere in a world that used to disillusion me.

Is this something you would like in your world?
If so, contact me and get your Bars will change your world if you are willing to choose it.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 30/Apr/2017 Delray Beach, Florida Amy Shine